While I love taking vacations, I have a full time job in San Diego, and like many people, I work Monday - Friday.  Thus, I have learned how to master the weekend trip to explore as much of a city as possible.  Hopefully these guides help you see some of these cities within a weekend or a day as well!

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Los Angeles

La La Land or the City of Angels, as some people may say.  LA is a fun city with lots to see and explore, but it is also a city of traffic and a large city.  Read about how to conquer the city in a weekend.


Zion, Antelope Canyon & Horseshoe Bend

Three beautiful destinations are all beautiful on their own, but you can see them all in just one weekend!


San Diego

My current place of residence, San Diego, is a big city that seems small, but there is definitely not a lack to of things to do.  Here I discuss an itinerary on 72 hours in the beautiful city.