Belize Part 3

Before I got to Belize, I obsessively checked the weather and noted it was to rain everyday, despite the fact that the rainy season had just ended in November.  The locals told me to disregard the weather, as storms come and go quickly on the islands and in Belize.  Unfortunately for us, it rained the entire three days we were in San Pedro – but we made the best of it!


We landed in San Pedro in the afternoon and a driver from our hotel was there waiting for us patiently.  It was the one sunny time of the day, and I was excited for some beach time!  The island is mostly full of golf carts and bicycles with the occasional cars here and there.

I used my Chase points to book us a room at the Victoria House.  The Victoria House is near the southern portion of the San Pedro island, and is absolutely beautiful.  They provide a free pickup and dropoff to the airport and free breakfast.  The hotel is very modern, with several pools and lounging areas.  Upon arriving we were handed a welcome drink and were lead to our room, which was beautifully decorated.  The bathroom was spacious and our room had a mosquito net around the bed.  We took some time to rest up before heading to town.

Unfortunately all the golf carts were rented at the Victoria House by the time we went to dinner, so we got in a taxi to eat at a delicious Salvadorian place called Pupuseria Salvadoreno.  They are known for their lobster burritos – which me and my boyfriend split while watching a holiday parade walk by.  Drinks at the Victoria House were pretty pricey so we picked up a bottle of Nance (a local Belizean liqueur made of Craboo – a Belizean fruit) to drink on our own.  The Nance was so sweet, and while I’m glad we tried it, I’ll probably never want to drink it again.. worth a try at a restaurant, but don’t buy a whole bottle like we did!!

We were running low on cash, so we decided to walk back to the Victoria House from town.  This took about 30 minutes and gave us a good idea of what was around us, but we were eaten alive again by mosquitoes.  At the end of our walk, we ran back to the hotel to try and escape the mosquitoes!  At night, I couldn’t help but feel they were all over me again.


The next morning we woke up and had breakfast at the Victoria House.  The free portion includes breads, jam, and fruit.  We paid a little extra for an omelette.  While the Victoria House is definitely luxurious, it is also quite pricey.  A golf cart rental there was about $20-$30 USD more than other places, so we walked a little further down and rented one from another store.  Snorkeling tours were also pretty pricey at $60 a person.  We headed to town in hopes of finding a better rate.  And a better rate we did find!  As soon as we walked off our golf cart, we were asked if we wanted to go on a snorkeling tour.  It was as if we had it written on our faces.  We ended up paying $35 USD each for a boat ride out to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley with Amigos Del Mar.  We got to get out of the boat and snorkel with the fishes and sealife and the sharks!  This is an experience I would not pass up.  There are plenty of places to book a snorkeling tour, so don’t feel the need to book beforehand.  Depending on what you want (food + drinks and a private tour, or a public simple snorkel tour), you can get prices from $30-$100 for a trip out there.  The $35 tour took us out on a simple boat, provided snorkeling gear, paid for entrance to the marine reserve and allowed us to snorkel for about 2 hours.


Afterwards, we headed back to freshen up before grabbing dinner at The Hidden Treasure Restaurant, which was a 5 minute walk from our hotel, but, as it was raining, they arranged for a taxi pick up.  Eating here was quite an experience – the waiter was one of the friendliest waiter I’ve met, and we ate a delicious meal.  I would definitely eat here again, and highly recommend it!

The next morning I had planned to lay out by the pool and rest, but unfortunately it was pouring rain again.  We took a water taxi back to Belize City (Ocean Ferry)  which only cost us $17 each.  The ferry was extremely fast, we got to Belize City in less than 1.5 hours.

Once we got to Belize City, we visited the Museum of Belize.  I think we were the only visitors!  Belize City had a different feel to it.. we were hounded by people asking us if we needed a taxi, and we told them not until later.  Well, they remembered later when we came back, which was interesting!  A few people asked my boyfriend if he wanted weed too haha.  The Museum was extremely educational and kept us dry from the impending rain.  I’m not sure if it was the rain or the construction, or both, but our taxi from Belize City to the Belize International Airport took over an hour.  I was freaking out that we would miss the only flight back to the US that day remaining.. but we made it just in time for boarding!

And just like that our trip to Belize was over!