Hello!  Welcome to my little blog.  I started this blog to share my life experiences with family, friends, and the casual wanderer looking for a new adventure.  

I am originally from Dallas, Texas, but my parents are from Taiwan.  Thankfully my parents gave me a taste of travel during my younger years, allowing me to see parts of the world others may not have had a chance to see.  

Since then, I attended school at Purdue University in Indiana, allowing me to explore the Midwest, and finally I relocated to San Diego, California to attend law school and to now practice law downtown.  I am thankful for my life and travel experiences and am excited to share these experiences with you.  

As my blog title suggests, I frequently leave town on the weekends and attempt to maximize the two best days of the week.  Hopefully some of my tips will help inspire you to make a trip of your own.  I hope you enjoy reading!